*Rock the Toque* with the RE*Generation Ambassadors

“The RE*Generation is our effort to empower a generation to help its own”

Virgin Mobile Canada and Raising the Roof keeps your head warm while keeping our young Canadians warm. Virgin Mobile’s Youth Homeless initiative, Re*Generation,  is the perfect way to be active and help giving back to your community.

Having celebrity endorsement is a huge asset when promoting a campaign, but it could also be a “Double tranchant”(=double – edged). The very same buzz that it creates can turn into a very calm period later.

“lets put a cap on youth Homelessness” Says Richard Branson, successful entrepreneur , founder and face of the Virgin empire. Branson supports this campaign 100%, so with his notoriety, it is not hard for Virgin Mobile to get Glee star, Corey Monteith to be Re*Generation’s spokesperson at the Annual National Toque Campaign ( Raising The Roof ‘s annual campaign launched at YongeDundas Square in Toronto on November 2009).

Most celebrities have their own style, and the buzz they create when launching campaigns can turn into something a little less appealing especially when the stars endorsing the brand commit what we call in PR classes “Fatal Errors”. This could be a threat to the campaign, as followers might lose interest.Virgin Mobile, therefore, has selective requirements for their Regeneration’s ambassadors.

Some of their ambassadors experienced youth homelessness at some point in their lives, therefore they can relate more easily. Songwriter/singer Jewels,  helped implementing the National Homelessness Youth Awareness Month .

The Veronicas, helped raise awareness and so did Lady Gaga another Virgin Mobile’s initiative’s ambassadors.

As a take home advice: The Regeneration Toque should become the next fashionable accessory, specially when it supports such an important cause.

Don’t let the buzz fade away,  just because the celebrity buzz is gone , you too get involved and create awareness!

Learn more about that initiative on my friend’s post: AndreaAnnetaJacque, Jade , Maram and Roshni.



2 responses to “*Rock the Toque* with the RE*Generation Ambassadors

  1. Keeping the buzz going is critical to the Toque campaign, I guess any campaign for that matter. But this one is for such an important cause. Help spread the word!

  2. It’s true. Companies have to be very selective with the celebrities they choose to represent their brand.

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